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Markus Klein

Glass is my life, a passion - a joy I love to share with you.

When I made my first acquaintance with this wonderful material at the end of the 1980s in what is now one of the world's largest wholesalers of colored glass, I of course had no idea where the journey would take me. After several stations in the trade with colored glass, I began to create my own designs on the side and then to manufacture them myself. Over the many years in the glass world, I have always met people who have inspired me, from whom I have been able to learn and who have supported me.

Early on I realized that success is most beautiful when you can pass on a part of it. So for years I have regularly supported the colored glass scene with new designs and instructions. Glass is my life.

My responsibilities in the world of glass are many and varied: sales manager at TGK ( Europe's leading colored glass wholesaler ), lecturer in glass art at the Mosaic Building School in Dortmund, international seminars in glass design, author and administrator of www.inspiration-for-glass.com and www.glasstudio-markus-klein.de

A better life with stained glass

Color glass has an incredibly positive aura - color glass is my key to a more beautiful life. With my work I would like to pass on a part of this positive energy to you.

Terms of use:

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You are welcome to use the design templates to reproduce the objects. It is allowed to use the objects privately as well as commercially. I provide my downloads free of charge, but of course I am very grateful for a donation. In addition, I offer the downloads as printouts - this offer is especially for those who do not have their own printer.

All information of the design templates or user tips are without guarantee.

Deviating agreements require the written form. Email:  markus.klein@inspiration-for-glass.com

Now it's up to you, have fun with colored glass!

Your Markus Klein